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The Mind/Matter Problem with Dr. Harald Atmanspacher

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Where does consciousness come from? It’s one of the oldest problems in human thinking – and new tools were brought to bear on it with the advent of the quantum mechanics revolution a century ago. Dr. Harald Atmanspacher began his career as a physicist but is now more of a synthesized across various realms trying to formulate solutions to problems like consciousness, the mind-matter connection & how quantum phenomena might relate to how we experience the world. It’s wild and wooly thinking, shared by an expert in his field who knows how to teach. Please enjoy this penultimate episode of our second season.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on ‘Quantum Approaches to Consciousness’ written by Dr Atmanspacher:

An excellent free overview of the field:

‘The Pauli-Jung Conjecture: And its impact today’

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An essay collection edited by Dr. Atmanspacher & Dr. Fuchs on the work of Pauli & Jung.

A recent essay about the theories that flowed from Pauli & Jung’s collaboration:

‘The Pauli–Jung Conjecture and Its Relatives: A Formally Augmented Outline’

Book: ‘Beyond Physicalism: Toward Reconciliation of Science and Spirituality’

A collection of essays by important thinkers in the field, including Dr. Atmanspacher, that I found very helpful in learning about this field.