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The Light & Darkness on Meditation with Spring Washam

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Are you afraid of your own mind? If you silence your thoughts, do you dread what you’ll see behind all that clutter? If you can face those fears what you might find is bliss, peace, and radical acceptance. It’s not easy, but apparently, it’s worth it.

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Spring Washam teaches mindfulness meditation. She trains people in everything from daily practice to extended meditation retreats and even the most intense: ayahuasca meditation retreats. She’s been involved in the community for a long time and is a founding teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center. She understands the contraindications for meditation practice, its fusion with social justice, and how meditation can help you accept your most troubling thoughts and experiences as a path to your most rewarding self.

Her website:

Her book: ‘A Fierce Heart: Finding Strength, Courage, and Wisdom in Any Moment’