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Salon2 027 – Conversation with a Polymath

Year this lecture was recorded: 2017

Some big announcements this week followed by a conversation with Dr. Bruce Damer who shares from his wealth of stories, science and psychedelic history.

You can learn much more about his many endeavors at his website:
Dr. Damer’s podcast is The Levity Zone
TEDx talk by Dr. Damer explaining his work
Open-access paper about Damer’s findings including the graphic he scribbled down after working on the ‘origin of life’ problem in one of his ‘endo-trips’.

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Thanks to Daniel Loew for contributing to our new Salon 2.0 intro music. Listen his tracks here.

Also on this episode, Lex added a shoutout to the Lakey sisters – Alexa & Kat – and to Jaron West for helping with the Psychedelic History Project. The sisters produced this wonderful remix of Charlie Chaplin’s speech in The Great Dictator.
They also have an Instagram of moving psychedelic art.

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