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Salon2 025 – Cannabis Pair O’ Docs

Year this lecture was recorded: 2017

For Marijuana Month, this week is our Cannabis “Paradox” Pair o’ Docs episode.

Dr. Matthew Markert shares thoughts about cannabis, epilepsy and the brain. As an MD/PhD interested in altered states of consciousness, he chose epilepsy as a way to study unusual states of the brain. You can email him at stanfordneuromed (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Then we hear from Frank Sacco, a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at William James College, who works with his father to create an online healing community for people wishing to explore the altered state of consciousness induced by cannabis for healing. Learn about their work and share your own story on their site Virtual Healing Communities.

Thanks to Robert Heinlein for the Pair O’ Docs joke in ‘Number of the Beast.’