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The Endocannabinoid Ocean: Explaining Cannabis Biochemistry through Moby Dick
@ the UK Psychedelic Society

Academic talks at RPI, New School, Gallaudet, Empire State, St. Johns & LIU

Faculty: Holistic Cannabis Academy

Co-organizer & host at first 9/20 Day

Psymposium @ UMass-Amherst

Boston’s Freedom Rally

Cannabis Conference 2019

Society of Cosmetic Chemists: CBD, GRAS & the Largest Organ

The Endocannabinoid System & Weed for Grandmas
@ the Cannabis Society of NY

Psychedelics Are Making a Comeback Through Microdosing in Westword


MAPS podcast: Lex Pelger, The Inner Workings of a Drug Writer

Psychonautica: Ketamine & Research Chemicals

Dr. Ronald Hoffman’s Intelligent Medicine: The Endocannabinoid System

DMT: Get Your Granny High!

StayRootd: What is CBD? Why Should You Try It?

The Third Wave: Cannabinoids & Moby-Dick

Zach Leary’s It's All Happening Podcast: Live from Psychedelic Science '17

The Cannabis Connection: CV Sciences, Cannabis & Psychedelics

Erik Davis’ Expanding Mind: Moby Cannabis

Psychedelic Parenting Podcast: Questing for the White Whale with Lex Pelger

BitChute: Deep Conversations with Lex Pelger