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‘Anandamide; or, the Cannabinoid’

A graphic novel series about cannabis, the War on Weed
& our endocannabinoid system based on ‘Moby-Dick; or, the Whale’
(Seeking representation)

Chapter 1: LOOMINGS

(download PDF to view the full spreads)

(download PDF to view the full spreads)

Chapter 25: The Crown

How it took 50 years to solve the first structure of a cannabinoid — Or,
CBN as explained thru elephants…

(download PDF to view the full spreads)

(download PDF to view the full spreads)

It took me 5 years of cannabis research before I could even consider writing a book. I traveled all over the US, interviewed Dr. Mechoulam in Israel, read ~100 books & sat down with scientists, activists, lawyers, & culture heroes around the world.

Then, on my last road trip to gather the last fakts, I decided to bring Moby-Dick along as my one Big Fat Book to read. Because all along, I’d been calling Anandamide my Great White Whale - but I didn’t know what that meant.

So, there’s no need to go through my conversion story - but it was the classic Saul on the road to Tarsus. This book by an obsessive Dutchman captivated me, another obsessive Dutchman - and it’s 135 chapters gave me the ideal skeleton on which to hang my story of cannabis, the War on Drugs (Ahab), the endocannabinoids (the Whales) & the complexities of the human brain (the Ocean).

To illustrate the concept, I began here with Chapter 25 to tell the story of the 50-year hunt to solve the structure of a cannabinoid: CBN.

Chapter 37: SUNSET

Or how the Queers & the Aids Crisis Birthed the medical marijuana Movement…

(download PDF to view the full spreads)

(download PDF to view the full spreads)

It’s not widely enough known that in the United States, it was the horrors of the AIDS crisis that led to the birth of the medical marijuana movement. The hippies had already proven that it wasn’t dangerous - but respectable Americans did not believe it could be a medicine. But AIDS in the ‘80s changed all of that.

When nothing else worked to comfort the dying, when it helped patients to gain weight & to offset the toxicity of the first antiretrovirals, the underground medicals uses of grass finally became clear to the white-coat establishment.
& they told the press.
& the Word spread from there…

But it was the Queers & the activists & the underground heroes like Brownie Mary & Dennis Peron who brought medical cannabis to the world. This is their story.