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The Greener Grass Podcast - Beth Schechter

Beth Schechter's Open Cannabis Project confronts the corporate monopolization and the dangers of restrictive patenting in the budding marijuana industry. Lex talks to her about how to keep weed open for growers, sellers, and stoners. They also chat about her previous entrepreneurial endeavor,, and how she took the lessons from that project into the world of weed. 

Also, if you're heading to the NoCo Hemp Expo in Loveland, CO on April 6-7 (2018) be sure to say hi to the BlueBird Botanicals crew. 

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Twitter: @bethschechter 

NoCo Hemp Expo: 

The Greener Grass Podcast is a BlueBird Botanicals Production 

Music from Brett Van Donsel // Birdsong from Lang Elliott