March to Tibet

While living in Mumbai with my sister, I heard about the March to Tibet and joined them as a biographer and writer. The march started in Dharmasala, had its first round of arrests at Dehra, a protest of the Olympic Torch in Delhi and then a final mass arrest at the Tibetan border after three months of walking through northern India. I wrote the articles and biographies below during that time, usually killing a few dozen mosquitoes a night attracted to the glowing laptop screen.

Marcher Biographies

A selection of marcher biographies written during the 2008 March to Tibet. The full list can be seen on the Tibetan Uprising website.

A resistance fighter from the First Tibetan Uprising in March, 1959

Ngawang Tendol
A nun tortured by the Chinese for shouting Free Tibet

Gedun Gyatso
At 16, this monk refused to denounce the Dalai Lama and hung the illegal Tibetan flag around his town. He was tortured for three months.

A tough old lady who fled Lhasa with her family at nine. She spent the rest of her life in exile following work around India.

Pema Tashi's Obituary
A young monk who lost his life on the March to Tibet

Gyaltsen Wangchuk
A monk tortured for helping to start the Second Tibetan Uprising of March, 1989

Mewang Namgyal
Our favorite old boy, always at the head of the March.