But mightier than either the pen or the sword is the pill...
 - Aldous Huxley

Psychoactive Writing:

Lectures & Public Speakings
Besides the marijuana gatherings & psychedelic science conferences, I've delivered lectures to students at RPI, New School, Gallaudet, Empire State, St. Johns & LIU - & I'm always interested in more. If you're an academic who wants a day off from your students, let me take them off your hands for a day with talks on the neurochemistry of drugs, the dark racist history of Prohibition in Amerika or new uses for old drugs & other psychoactive topics. Teaching undergrads is the finest of training regimens for practicing towards my main goal: retirement homes

my 5 minute sermon - impromptu @ the Rimes of the Ancient Mariner

a 30 minute sermon @ the Cannabis Society of NY

Techgnosis: Moby Cannabis - for fellow whaler Erik Davis

or: "Whales, Cannabis and Neurochemistry"

C-Realm: Mobengo!
an interview with Dimitri Mugianis on ibogaine, Bwiti and addiction

on psychedelic storytelling and the #PsychedelicsBecause campaign


& Storytelling
short movie about medical cannabis & my research cave around it

Short documentary about my life on the Road

Travel & Reporting

The March to Tibet
coverage of a 6 month protest march with Tibetan monks, nuns & laypeople
walking from Dharamsala in the north, through Dehli & the Olypic protests
& onto the final showdown at the border of their invaded homeland.

Walking with Peaceful Soldiers ( Tibetan World )

the Subcontinent & the thumb
India by Train (The Amsterdam Spoke)
the red road - the Storyteller (Kentucky)
first southern thumb - first hitchhiking through Mexico
the autodidact - a day with the merry old philosopher, Dr. Quang-Dang (space-time in Vietnamese)
there and back again - from new orleans to phoenix with my mentor
seeing new orleans and sushil - the crescent city with my favorite scientist and gentleman

the dragon using the elephant - my last report from the march to tibet written after my deportation notice
oh what a night - a peaceful night by a lake in north india
the spirit of gahndi or: how to break into prison - my first arrest on the march to tibet
a day in the life: tibetan buddhist monk edition - leki tells me about life in the monastery