I've been a lover of science my whole life. I enjoy showing children the beauty of science and math: the unknowable haziness of atomic particles, the evolution of life into its wildly fantastic forms, the fun of discovering the value of x in algebra and the immense span of the cosmos. I get a kick out of studying these subjects immensely but also know the struggle of understanding the material for the first time which has been as asset when teaching others.

Now I'm eager to share the studying techniques that helped me to master the necessary memorization, mathematical shortcuts and "big picture" views of the material. I volunteered to help underprivileged kids in Boston, tutored other students at university and taught children in the slums of Mumbai and the townships of Capetown. Now I'm back in New York City and excited to help tutor in math and science. I currently volunteer tutor at Brooklyn International High School which caters to high schoolers who recently came to NYC from around the world. I help in the ninth and tenth graders in their science and math classes. A very rewarding and fun time.

Professionally, I'm a scientist who conducted my last research on mesenchymal stem cells at New York Medical College (a letter of reference). I co-authored three papers, defended a poster at the American Society of Nephrology Meeting and discovered a novel binding protein for E2A. I earned my undergraduate degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from one of the best programs in the country (Boston University) and recently received acceptance into the masters program in ecology and evolution at the University of Amsterdam.