The Psychedelic History Project
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From the mid '60s, Dr. Timothy Leary & IFIF hired a press clipping service to collect all references to drugs found in the popular press & he continued taking special contributions from an army of friends & fans. Now that treasure trove of an archive represents a unique picture of the national response to the Psychedelic Revolution.

And since the New York Public Library didn't want this stash of 16 plastic boxes in Dr. Bruce Damer's DigiBarn filled to the brim with clippings, I'm working with volunteers to digitize this collection for posterity. I hope to host all the material nicely curated on a website as well as backing everything up to Erowid & The reach goals would be a book & a traveling drug educational history show for confererences & festivals. What this collection makes clear is that by 1967, everything had already happened. Since then, it's been the same show on repeat.

If you'd like to volunteer on this project & get a sneak peek at this crazy archive, shoot me an email:

If you'd like to donate to help cover materials for this (unpaid) gig to save the archive before it fades to dust,
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All images from Dr. Damer's selection of the gems of the collection that will soon be scanned in high res.

1st draft video from a few years ago explaining the project