People of the Cannabinoids

by Lex Pelger

Draft 2: first two sections - the Trimmers & the Dispensary
17 pages out of ~50
Almost all interviews completed
a Draft 1 of most of the story completed

the Trimmers - business of trimming cannabis in Northern California
the Dispensary - the medical dispensaries and the activist fight to medicalize cannabis in CA
the Grower - a Colorado farmer & hemp in the state that just legalize cannabis
the Scientists - two endocannabinoid scientists on the newly discovered human endocannabinoid system that will rival the opiate system for importance to human health
the History - a damn fine history of the plant culled from many sources
the Activist - talk with the president of NORML (the largest and oldest cannabis activism group)
the Therapist - Dr. Julie Holland, author of the definitive Pot Book, on the mental health benefits of cannabis
the Storyteller - Rick Doblin, head of MAPS - the largest nonprofit funding psychedelic research, on their blocked research into cannabis as medicine
the Law - the Marijuana Policy Project on the effect of cannabis arrests
the Author - me on why cannabis, though obviously a medicine, is my Achilles Heel. I have to end with that bit of scientific honesty.