THE DROP or: a call for aid & a Howl on Homophobia
Well, here is is after just a short 3+ year wait, the first sample chapter from my graphic novel, 'Anandamide or: the Cannabinoid'. This chapter titled 'SUNSET' surprised us by growing into a book on its own. The project just happened to birth in the middle of LGTB Queer Pride Month & directly after the tragedy at Pulse in Orlando.

Thus, here's our offering to the queer community about the brutal & brave history of their struggle for rights & recognition, a sordid saga based on Tony Kushner's 'Angels in America' about how Reagan ignored the AIDS crisis & how, from this scalding crucible, the modern medical marijuana movement emerged. Because of this epidemic, anyone with eyes could see that cannabis was the most unparalleled medicine to ease the symptoms of AIDS and then later, for the toxic side-effects of the medicines slowly discovered to treat it. Please share to any queer friends that you think it might encourage.

It's a dark chapter - disturbing to review our so recently rotten past - but it suits because this whole book is based on Moby Dick & thus half of it's about Captain Ahab - Amerika the imperial as 'terminal, crazy & mean'. 
For this chapter, if you do nothing else besides glance at this piece of work, check out the first page & the last. Thanks to Wayra, there's a beautiful symmetry to the entire structure & especially the double page spreads. It would look nice printed up in a book. Plus, if you like hunting for Easter Eggs, you can find us both hidden on one page. Speaking of, I should explain the turtles. They're my symbol for endnotes that will be contained in  the back of the book - scientific citations or image credits or additional info that wouldn't fit - all those hunks of data encountered in research too juicy to leave on the cutting room floor - proving once & for all, that no matter your field of study, answers to questions only beget more questions & you find it's always turtles all the way down.)

So now for the section on aid/help/assistance/leads & resources:
Because after all this time buried in the research, I'm ready to finally start producing hard & fast.
This current sample chapter at 61 pages long is a book in itself & now I'm going to start treating it as such.
So if you know any agents, publishers or authors who wouldn't mind sharing some advice, I'd be glad for an introduction to them. 
I now have one chapter down & only 134 to go (according to the map laid out by our grand Navigator Herman Melville) - so if you know anyone who might be interested to help in some way, or if you need words for your art or story or project or educational event around drugs, I'm a collaborator & I'm ready to spin off the fakts.

Now I have to figure out what I might do with this chapter grown to a book and even more so, how to move forward with the rest of the material I'm ready to start. It's taking the path of any good thesis project, three years to read - two years to write - & I'm just starting that now (so don't bug me for chapters not coming fast enough for your taste, it's my DIY PhD & takes the time it takes). For me personally, it gave me a chance to read widely & sometimes deeply. For the rest of the world I hope to help, I pray it will spread the true message of this book, the one prompted by the loss of my own grandmother to Parkinson's, the simple & well-proven lesson that cannabis is a medicine for aging without compare in the human pharmacopoeia of plants or drugs. Plus, there's so many ways to ingest all its straining flavors: tinctures, vape pens, topical salves, dabs, edibles, bubble baths, medicated coffee, marijuana wine, suppositories, eye drops & many more methods perfected again & again by the autodidactical growers & underground healers looking for more ways to medicate with this old old plant. The more people of all ages that I can turn onto the stories of its healings, the more the Good News will spread.

So now to cipher out how that might look to get the content out there & fund myself. A publisher or grant or residency who might give me the space to squirrel away & work nonstop? Or a magazine to serialize chapter by bloody chapter? Just print out this chapter & sell it for five or ten bucks at the events I host? Or maybe pull a Borges & write a book review of the book I would have written. Or start a vlog cheerfully producing video lectures about the book chapters I should be writing right now. Or crowdfunded journalism for longer form articles on iboga, NIDA or Weed for All Grandmas. Or maybe go back to the old roaddog dream: living out of a van filled with books of psychoactive literature for sale that I hawk at the events where I speak & thus I offer to lecture anywhere in the country for free in exchange for just the gas money from my location at that exact moment?
I don't know. I'm mulling it all over, perhaps starting my own nonprofit: 'Mercury Drug Education'. More teaching at universities, more storytelling & drug education community events around the country,
a professional devil's advocate for the harms & helps of psychoactives,
a drug education dog & pony show,
a bibliomancer on the road...