Psymposia Stories
'Seeking stories. Will travel...'


Here's our big exciting Psymposia news & how you can get involved:
We decided the best way to feature more stories & widen the community would be a continent-crossing storytelling tour centered around our stage at the Psychedelic Science 2017 conference in Oakland where we'll hear from our favorite luminaries, elders & friends.
For the tour, our goal will be to hit those blue cities in red states that serve as such pressure cookers of activism & art for our brand of open-mic storytelling sessions. But also blue cities in blue states & red towns in red states & purple villages in green states & everywhere we can find a host from Mexico to Canada. 

In addition to the storytelling at each stop, we just got the gracious permission of Robert Barnhart to screen his excellent & persuasive film 'A New Understanding - the Science of Psilocybin', made with an eye towards not preaching to the choir but presenting honest evidence to any who might be laboring under the untruths of the Drug War. It's the kind of movie to watch with your grandma or show to your parents. We hope this will tempt in those to come hear something new about this old fungi.

The Tour logistics & hosting a Psymposia session
In the beginning of April, my beloved roommate Kat & I will go through the middle of the country on a two-week trip out to Oakland & stopping at favorite cities along the way like Asheville, NC & Athens, GA. 
After Oakland, I'll drive anywhere I can push my Pap's truck to find a host like yourself who would coordinate a room for the night & help let the local community know. 

We will err on the side of making these events free (because we'd rather be hearing from more people) but if your local psychedelic society or SSDP chapter or plant medicine circle usually charges a little something for tickets and already has a system in place, that's up to the local host who's already kind enough to be putting in the legwork to help this night happen.

Sponsoring the tour?
Know a business with a wide enough mind & a big enough heart to sponsor a storytelling tour around the country? We're hoping to find like-minded people with the capital who share our vision of the importance of bring people together in the same room.

Vendor partners?
Since most shows will be free, Psymposia hopes to cover our gas money & expenses like every good traveling show - by selling merchandise at a table in the back. We'll always have the hemp Psymposia T-shirts and the blotter art our people love so well but we're looking for other items from creative friends that we could sell on commission for you. (Since I'll be the one carrying it all, I'm especially interested in lighter items like jewelry, crafts & other Holy Pretty Things). If you know a maker who might be interested, shoot them our way.
In addition to the Psymposia merch, I'll be bringing along No Nonsense! Books, my mobile used book business selling favorite tomes & as well as my own (I'm always looking for leads to great thrift stores, bookshops or old-timers who might have a stash of great literature & art books that I can peruse... Always seeking bibliomancers).