We are here on Earth to fart around. Don't let anybody tell you differently - Vonnegut 

I grew up outside Lancaster, PA  in the heart of Amish country & saw what good religion can be at the local level. I worked as a carpenter & started a driveway sealing business. I traveled before school & then got a degree in biochemistry & molecular biology at Boston University where I studied the cochlear nucleus of gerbils & the actin-binding functions of some aldolase isozymes. I spent summers on research, interning at Pfizer, road trips around the States & sealing driveways to pay the way.

Then to New York City for a wet-lab position studying stem cells at New York Medical College. Projects involved the senescence of bone marrow stem cells and the renal effects of kidney stem cell apoptosis. I assisted in the discovery of a novel binding protein for the E2A protein using the Yeast II Hybrid system & co-authored three papers about this research & even defended a poster at the American Society of Nephrology meeting. 

I finally saved enough to fulfill my boyhood dream of going to India for a year & brought my kid sister Tessa along for the ride. We shared a little flat in the slums of Mumbai while she worked in Bollywood & I ended up as a writer on the March to Tibet: a four month protest march of Tibetan monks, nuns and laypeople beginning in Dharamsala, going through New Delhi, and then onto the border. I wrote biographies of the marchers, articles for Western publications and one obituary. Because of India's laws against foreigners participating in political protests, I was arrested twice and finally deported.

Back in NYC, I made some money bartending and spent some time on an existential crisis. To feel better, I spent the next year hitchhiking around the States. A nice pace of life with time to read in the woods and listen to stories from your rides. Hitchhiking helped me to find the weird and interesting around this country: a burned out old hippy who preached a quiet and powerful two minute sermon on the love of the Virgin Mary, an ex-Marine who creates beautiful pieces of jade jewelry & of course, a Keourackian figure who shared his father's homemade sausage biscuit along with stories from a long life on the road.

Most recently, I spent four years on the road researching a graphic novel about cannabis that eventually came to be based on Moby-Dick. I've completed two of the chapters - but there's many to go because all 135 chapters from Melville gave the finest structure on which to hang all the glories of the anadamide molecule & all the horrors of the Amerikan Ahab's War on Weed.

Since then, I've gotten married, had a baby named Sofia, and started working in the CBD world as an educator. Life is good.